Teachers guide

Aimed at: Assessment criteria for the New Bronze 2 (Entry Level 2)


In this game there are 4 players. Three of the players are virtual players, they are created by the computer. You are the fourth player.

You can only see your own dominos. You can't see the dominos of the virtual players. The player that has the double Apple Safari domino starts and the other players follow. If you have only 6 dominos showing it means you had the double Apple Safari domino and it has been played for you to start. The virtual players play very quickly so if there is a pause it is your turn. After you take your turn you might see that the virtual players play their dominos almost instantly. When it is your turn, you click on a domino that can match one of the web browser icons at either end of the dominos that have been put out. If you can't make a match you click pass. The winner is the one to get all their dominos out first.

Use in Teaching:

Suitable for introduction of the most common web browsers.